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Automatic driving lessons
are they for you?

Have you even wondered if you should learn to drive in an automatic car? Historically in the UK most people have driven manual cars. This is now changing. With the rise of electric cars and full hybrids the manual gearbox is becoming a thing of the past.

New automatic car sales have overtaken manual sales for the last few years. With many car models only available as an automatic option. According to figures from 70% of cars on UK roads are now automatic.


If you are thinking about whether to take automatic driving lessons here are some of the reasons others have decided that the automatic option was best for them, many of them after struggling with manual lessons.


For many pupils, learning in an automatic takes away the fear factor once you realise that you can't stall an automatic car. Rolling back? Not an issue.


In addition you have one less pedal to use and worries of what gear to be in is a thing of the past. All of this means that you have more time available to read the road ahead and also become more confident in your decision making

The times have passed were buying an automatic car was the more expensive option. Just a quick search online for my area shows a high percentage of automatic cars available for a reasonable price and with more car manufactures only making automatic cars they will only become more widespread.

The times of the automatic car only being an option for people that struggle is over. So what's stopping you? Book in with your local independent automatic driving instructor today. 

An image displaying the word automatic to draw peoples attention to the fact that Dave Jowett provides driving lessons in an Automatic car in Ripley, Alfreton and the surrounding areas
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