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I am proud of all of my reviews as a Driving Instructor. I actively encourage all of my customers to leave me feedback so that I can see what I am doing well. As well as listen to any comments on how I can improve.


I strive to offer the best possible customer service and take great pride in providing my clients with the skills that they need to be Safe Drivers for Life.

Testimonials are available on my Google page and on my Facebook page as well as below.

 Get On The Road!


Dave is a great instructor who helped me pass first time! He is very clear in his communication, very patient and very calm. I highly recommend Dave to both new drivers and those that that need refresher lessons.

Holli Rae

Dave is a really friendly and helpful person, I have enjoyed minute every of my driving lessons and he has shown me a new way of driving. Dave has had too correct how I was taught by another driving instructor and my bad habits. He has taught me how to drive for life and not just for the driving test. If it wasn’t for Dave, I would still be having lessons and be no where near to passing my driving test. Thankyou so much Dave, you have changed my life. We smashed it!


Hey Dave! Been a week now and I have so adapted to it straight away! I got the insurance done straight away and braved driving to notts to see my mate That day! Thank you so much


Just passed my test first time with Dave. Was great help and very patient if I was unsure with anything. Would definitely recommend if you are confident or nervous. Thanks Dave 👍


Dave is a great driving instructor, put me at ease and was always happy to answer questions whatever and whenever. Very professional and so easy to talk too as I was quite a nervous driver to begin with, he really boosted my confidence and I couldn’t have passed without him!

Thank you so much for everything you have helped me with Dave Jowett ADI. I feel on top of the world. I would definitely recommend you to anyone.

Tom Crombie from Alfreton passing his drivng test after driver training with Dave Jowett ADI

Dave has been a brilliant instructor, he is patient, supportive and friendly. I've had several unhelpful instructors before Dave, and Dave was 100% better than any instructor I had previously. Could not recommend enough.

Courtney Jones from Pinxton passing her drivng test with our driving school

I would most definitely recommend Dave.. his patience, time and support helped my daughter a lot. He not only helped to gain her full licence but he gave her the confidence to believe she can achieve anything she works hard for.

Lauren Griffin from Somercotes passing her test with her driving instructor Dave Jowett AD

Dave’s a brilliant instructor, couldn’t be happier with my choice, gave me the confidence I needed to do it. Always made me feel comfortable, couldn’t be more thankful helping me get there 100% recommend! 😁

Emma Hutchinson from Kirkby in Ashfield passing her test with her driving instructor Dave Jowett ADI

My daughter learnt with Dave Jowett can't praise him enough I sit with Emma in the car she is such confident driver it's has though she has been driving for along time she only passed Wednesday 11th of December came in at 4-30 she took herself to work and back 11 o'clock at night and then gone to sixth form that is about 10 miles from home and this is a girl that lacks confidence thanks Dave for giving Emma a new lease in life if you need a good instructor ask for Dave jowett

Rosemarie Walsh from Ripley passing her driving test following driving lessons with her instructor Dave Jowett ADI

Dave is the best instructor to ever have. He is kind and helpful and puts you at ease while driving. I wouldn't have passed without him.

Lushan from Swanwick passing her driving test with Dav Jowett ADI driving school

I feel so lucky to have Dave to be my instructor, he is very detail, caring, patient, considerate, understanding, humor person... i will definitely recommend Dave to everybody. he is a superb instructor, Thank you very much Dave.

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