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Congratulations Rosemarie!!

Updated: May 7, 2020

Congratulations To Rosemarie Walsh from Ripley on passing your driving test first time today. With only 3 drivers faults too.

I'm proud of you for keeping your nerves at bay. Particularly when you had your "nemesis" Shoulder of Mutton Hill on your test. To finish with a bay park and choosing to reverse into one of the most difficult bays - against my advice - and still managing a perfect manoeuvre was nothing short of impressive.

Thank you for accompanying me on my standards check last month too. It's not nice feeling watched, even when it's not you that's actually being watched.

Good luck with your future driving journey and I wish you every success.

Roz from Ripley happy after pssing her driving test first time with Dave Jowett ADI


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