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COVID-19 Update 22 May 2020

Hello everyone. I wanted to provide an update. I am still unable to teach due to the lockdown measures in place due to the COVID-19 outbreak. There is as of yet no clear guidance when driving instructors may be able to start teaching driving lessons again.

Hopefully as the lockdown is slowly lifted for other industries the infection rate does not start to rise again. This would allow the DVSA to release more clear guidance to driver trainers to enable us to better make plans with our pupils.

Tests are not currently being run by the DVSA apart from in extreme circumstances for *critical* key workers. Approved Driving Instructors should not be providing lessons unless their pupil is one of these critical workers with a driving test booked.

I am not resting though. I am doing what I can to ensure that when I can start teaching again that I am as prepared as I possibly can be. Making different plans depending on what level of PPE may be required on a return to work.

I sincerely hope that I can start driving lessons soon. I am missing my job and am looking forwards to starting again. As always though I will continue to do what is safest for my pupils. Following the best advice that is available at the time.

Please contact me if you want any help or support and those of you that have not yet passed your theory test keep studying. Waiting lists for tests will more than likely be longer than usual following the lock down so you will be wanting to get this booked as soon as you are able.

Keep safe everyone.

Latest update from the DVSA on driving lesson provision for driving instructors


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