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Return to work....

It is my first day back at work tomorrow since the beginning of lock down. I am starting back with a more limited group of pupils to enable me to ensure that lessons are as safe as they can be.

Although excited I would be lying if I did not say that I am not nervous too. I have put control measures in place to minimise the risk and my car has been cleaned and sanitised ready for its first learner driver.

Thank you to all my current students for standing by me through the lock down and through my slow, gradual restart. Especially around the infection control procedures that I have put into place to help keep us all safe.

I will not be taking on new pupils in the short term to make sure that I can keep the space needed between lessons to sanitise the car. I am also unable to accept anybody else onto my waiting list as it is difficult to say when driving tests can be booked and passed to make way for new starters.

If anybody has any worries or questions, please just ask.


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