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COVID-19 Update 01 April 2020

**Closed until further notice**

Almost 2 weeks ago I contacted all of my pupils to let them know that I was unfortunately postponing all lessons for at least 2 weeks. This was because although I was following all possible precautions to keep my car disinfected between pupils and ensure hands were sanitised, I was still unable to guarantee safety. The government guidance was and is to keep 2 metres distance from people from others households. This is not possible in my car.

The health of my pupils, their families and my own family is very important to me.

Things have progressed since then. The government announced a full lock down for all workers apart from those key workers that we all rely so much on.

I have therefore contacted all current pupils today to explain that for their safety I will not be teaching until government guidance says that it is safe too. I honestly believe that the quicker we get on top of this the sooner all of this can be over

Keep save everybody. I'll see you all on the other side.


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