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COVID-19 Update 07 June 2020

Over the last few days, I have been having more queries from current pupils and potential new ones regarding the provision of driving lessons. I had been holding off on providing an update for as long as possible with the hope that when I did, I would have something concrete to share. However, with the rise in questions I thought it best to write this.

I am currently still unable to provide driver training. The driving instructor industry has had extremely limited guidance from the government. All we have been told is that we should only provide driving instruction to critical workers that have an emergency driving test booked with the DVSA. This advice was given in April and the DVSA repeatedly tells us that they will “provide further information about broader training” as soon as they can. I am sorry that this does little to answer your questions. I have heard of other driving instructors currently working. I can only assume that they are teaching critical workers with tests booked. I have been reliably informed that if they are not and were pulled by the police they would be fined and reported to the DVSA for breach of the lockdown restrictions.

Unfortunately, this leaves me in a best guess situation. I am now assuming that the earliest driving instructors will be able to start back will be early July. This is based on when it is currently planned for hairdressers to return to work. I am also guessing that I will be able to start teaching a little before tests restart to help get any of those with tests booked back up to test standard after the weeks off that we have had. This is only a best guess and I will provide another update as soon as I have something more concrete.

It is currently possible to book theory tests, but they are being postponed a few days at a time whilst the DVSA are “preparing test centres for a safe return for all candidates and social distancing measures are being put in place”. If you have not already passed your theory test now might be a good time to book. Just be aware that the test date might be rescheduled. Please do keep up studying your theory and do not be afraid to reach out if you need any help or guidance.

New drivers are now able to apply for provisional driving licenses again. If you are reading this post and considering learning to drive in the future now might be the right time for you to apply.

I am sorry that this update is not more informative. I will provide another update with hopefully some new information as soon as I can. In the meantime, please keep safe.


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